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About us: Two Old Beans

Jessica [Jack, the fellow with the monocle] and Ellen [Charlie, the Scottish chap] have been pals for a very, very long time. Their deep-seated mutual love of vintage stuff of all kinds (especially Errol Flynn) and a desire to share that love with other people culminated naturally in the establishment of Two Old Beans.

They hope that you will enjoy perusing their inventory (and hopefully purchasing it). Please be sure to follow their Instagram (twooldbeans) for delightful previews and sales notices and random Jimmy Stewart photos.



Two Old Beans Online Vintage Clothing Store + Blog | a curated shop for the adventurous at heart Behind the name: once upon a time, Jessica and Ellen went on a riotous road-trip with seventeen small boys and Ellen read aloud Bulldog Drummond to keep the hollering at a lower decibel level. Inspired by the colorful vocabulary of Drummond’s chums, Jessica and Ellen ever after called each other “old bean”, which name became the obvious choice when a moniker was needed for their business.

As for their individual names (Jack and Charlie), they are purely fictitious (and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely accidental).



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