McCalls Winter 1954 Pattern Book


We’ve got a fun little treat for us all which, Lord willing, is going to become a weekly feature of this blog!

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful copy of the McCall’s 1954 November Pattern Book from a dear neighbor friend and after spending an hour studying and feasting on the lovely designs, I knew I had to share.

So out came my trusty little camera, and here are the results. These aren’t perfect photos, but I hope these pattern illustrations can be used to further instruct and inspire all of us in the height of 50s fashion. I plan on posting collages of my favorite prints every Monday, so be sure to come back for more. :]




1954 McCalls Vintage Pattern Book Dress Suit Blouse Skirt 1950s



One thought on “McCalls Winter 1954 Pattern Book

  1. Brigid says:

    Oh, this catalog is so delightful! I went through each and every picture you put up in the collage, sighing over each of the lovely designs, and pinning away to my heart’s content. 🙂

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