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Hallo, friends. For our inaugural vintage style post, I wanted to share this beauty of a dress that I bought recently from The Getup Vintage. [Hannah is a dear soul and has some absolutely wonderful pieces in her shop, so trot on over there and take a look.] Briefly, three things about this look:

– First, this dress isn’t flawless. Most vintage isn’t. This one has a few unbudgeable stains and the embroidery isn’t perfect. But that won’t keep me from enjoying it and wearing it for years. Don’t let a spot or a hole keep you from purchasing an otherwise beautiful [and perfectly wearable] item.

– Second, er, my hair is rather wild after a long afternoon of pawing through mounds of 20s and 30s dresses, and then throwing this thing on for a quick photo. [Also, rain… those of you with curls know…]

– Third, on that note: I’m wearing a clearly non-50s hairstyle. Haven’t got on any jewelry, but if I had thrown something on it’d probably have been a pair of modern gold dangly earrings. For everyday vintage wear [meaning, when I’m not re-enacting] I always prefer mixing bits of vintage and modern. It works better for the life I live… and you know, it sort of represents my attitude towards history in general: stay mindful of [and love and learn from] the past, while remaining very aware that you live in the present and are headed toward the future.

And that’s that. :] Don’t forget, go give The Getup Vintage some Etsy love.

– Ellen [Charlie]

2 thoughts on “how we wear vintage | black knit 50s dress

  1. Charlotte b. says:

    Simply divine, my sweet Ellen! Your dress is positively adorable, and I love the character that your “wild” hair gives (and yes, I have had curly-girl bad hair days… much to many of them too 😉

    -Charlotte B.

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