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it’s a lovely world, my dear


hello, my dears.

Welcome to our blog! Ellen + I are excited about this new chapter in the Two Old Beans book of adventures. We plan to share here snippets from our wild + wonderful lives, including but not limited to:

  • Two Old Bean shop updates + sales
  • life with 17 boys
  • interests we’re studying
  • words that inspire us
  • vintage clothing helps [and questions, too]
  • adventures we dream of
  • events we’ve bombed
  • happy old ladies [our future aspiration]
  • mountains we’ve climbed
  • heroes we love
  • oh, and how could I forget our favorites — jimmy + errol, too [of course.]

We’ll share some laughs and possibly some tears, but most certainly we hope you begin to see what inspires us Two Old Beans — and hopefully it will inspire you as well.

So here’s to this new adventure, and as we’re fond of saying:

Life is an adventure. Buy yourself a zebra.

cheers + and may you have a very lovely day,

-jessica [or jack]

for the Two Old Beans

One thought on “welcome friends

  1. Jessica Boyer says:

    Hey gals!

    I am so thrilled to see your page live on the web now! It looks smashing, and I am terribly excited to follow nearly all of your wild adventures of gathering things from the past, and sharing them all in the present! Huzzah for Two Old Beans!

    Have a very pleasant day!

    Love in Christ,

    Jessica, the eldest sister & singer

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