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One thing we plan to do with this blog is share treasured family photos from both Ellen’s + my past. Perusing family photos has always been a favorite past-time of mine — it brings to life all those history lessons I’ve read and stories I’ve been told.

In them I see my great-grandma as she lived through the Depression. I see my great-great-great-great grandpa who fought and lived through the War Between the States. I see my hard-working, handsomely-rugged great-grandpa who raised my equally hard-working and handsome grandpa that I know today. I see the little house my grandpa was born in and the farm he was raised on. I see, understand and am inspired by knowing these aren’t just unknown photos of people who lived, laughed, worked hard, loved, cried, + believed in things. These people are my family. They shape who I am today.

It’s amazing to think about.

That said, I’d like to introduce you to possibly my biggest life inspiration: Sarah Lee Ryker, my great-grandma. Both of my maternal Great-grandma’s are very, very dear to me and for very different reasons. Sarah Lee, as she was called by everyone (even her children) was the quintessential cultured lady.

Sarah Lee King as a young lady in the early 1920s

Sarah Lee King as a young unmarried lady in the early 1920s

Eager to learn, eager to teach, elegant, & in love with all beautiful things, Sarah Lee loved life.

Second from the left in the back, here she is in a King family photo:

Sarah Lee King in a family photo as a young lady in the 1920s

Sarah Lee (King) Ryker in a family photo during the early 1920s

I don’t know how she always managed to be so beautiful, but in all the photos I have of her, they breathe elegance and vivaciousness.

Sarah Lee Ryker as a young mother in the late 1920s

Sarah Lee with her first son, my Great-Uncle Fred

When I see these photos and remember the little time I knew her, it makes me want to live like her — I want to watch the sunsets, paint the pictures, teach the children, quote the poetry and read the books.

I want to love life, just like she did.

I’ll share more photos in a later post, but for now,

have a very lovely afternoon,

-jessica [or jack]

One thought on “Family History | Sarah Lee Ryker

  1. Brigid says:

    What a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I can see why you are inspired by her Jessica. She reminds me just a bit of my own beautiful Great Grandma, who I unfortunately never knew. She looked so much like a movie star back in the day (the 1930s), and she grew to have such great faith in the Lord. I wish I could have known her.

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